Differences between Fortnite and PUGB

They are two of the most popular games on the planet right now. And if you were first introduced to both PUBG and Fortnite, you could be forgiven for thinking they were almost the same game. But there are many differences between the two games - ranging from graphics to gameplay. We will go over some of these differences right now.

Starting the Game

The similarities between these games begin when you are in the loading screen. You can mess around in a background with other players, and then you are on a plane getting ready to head into the game. But then you will also notice a big difference. With PUBG, the process of jumping is a lot slower, and you are limited in the areas of the map where you can jump.

When you play Fortnite, you will notice the time from getting on the plane to jumping down is very quick. But the fun part is that you can go almost anywhere on the map, depending on when you let go from the plane, and how you glide to the surface. It gives you a lot of tactical options, depending on whether you want to start slowly or get right into the action.

Crafting to Success

The big difference between these games is that you can create structures in Fortnite very easily. When you are playing the battle royale mode, you can use your axe to break down almost any structure that you see.

Say you go into a house and you get all the items that you could loot. Now you want to collect some wood and steal. You can break down that entire house, wall by wall, and keep those materials. Then you can use those materials to craft staircases, boundaries, walls and anything else that may be useful during the game.

There is no crafting in PUBG, and you are limited to hiding around in the environments that are on the map.

Shooting Mechanics

You will notice that you are dealing with fairly realistic shooting mechanics in PUBG. They are similar mechanics to the Call of Duty games, or what you would get in console shooting games. While there are arcadey moments, the mechanics are very polished.

In contrast, Fortnite has gone for an arcade format when it comes to shooting. It is still about your skill, but you will notice that everything is arcade-like when you are engaging in combat with other players. It is not so much about precision in Fortnite, as it is about persistence. It is also a more relaxed experience, while PUBG can get very intense as you are trying to stalk a target or remain off someone’s radar.


Similar to the shooting mechanics, the graphics in Fortnite are a lot more arcade as compared to PUBG. The entire map, characters, guns and everything else is arcade in Fortnite. It is what makes the game so much fun, and so easy to pick up. It will also run better on lower end computers.

PUBG is a more intensive game that will need a better computer to run smoothly. But it also gives you a more realistic feel. You are in a world that feels very much like our own, and that has its own satisfaction.

These are two great battle royale games. And while they may feel very similar to the average user, there are some massive differences between PUBG and Fortnite.