Best Alternative Battle Royale Game -

When you first start playing, or you see a video on YouTube, you may think the game is very simplistic. But that is the complete opposite of how it feels when you get a feel for the controls and the movement in the game. While the graphics are designed with simplicity, as the game must run through a browser on all computers, the gameplay is anything but simple.

Battle Royale Concepts Flipped

It does feel as though there are so many battle royale games out there right now. But unlike games such as PUBG and Fortnite, we get a different type of experience with You are not playing in a first or a third-person perspective when you are entering into this game. You are playing from the top down.

Think of those classic games that you would play on your Nintendo or Game Boy, where you are looking at a 2D world from the top down. That is what you are doing with But then you are also getting all the magical elements of a battle royale game that makes them so much fun.

How Works

When you start a game of, you are randomly thrown into a spot on the map, and you will get a pistol. It is good that you get a pistol, as it means you can start fighting without needing to dramatically search for a weapon. But you can pick up better weapons and supplies along the map.

As the game develops, the map gets smaller. The goal is to get everyone to engage with each other, instead of having players hiding in corners. Players are eliminated one-by-one, and the last person standing wins. There is a limit to one weapon and three consumables that you can hold at one time. So make sure you pick the right weapon when you are heading into the later stages of a game.

How to Play

The controls for are very simple. Like other browser games, you must use the W,S,A and D keys to get your player moving around the map. You will use the left mouse click to shoot, and you will use E to interact with items on the map. R is for reloading. And since you get three consumables at one time, they are mapped onto your controls with the 1, 2 and 3 keys. Make sure to remember what key corresponds to a consumable, so you can quickly select the right one during combat.

Gameplay and Tips

Most of the online games have 30 to 40 players. So expect a mad rush from the moment the game starts. You will have a better time if you are playing with friends, as you can help each other out until the latter stages. But even if you play on your own, you can intelligently stay out of trouble and pick off players one-by-one.

Try to pick up the in-game items that give you 2x and 4x scope. Those items are great as they give you a much larger view of the map. You can see people before they spot you, and you can kill them before they even get a chance to respond!